Pumpkin patch

I would like to let you know it’s now been a week. Abby has adjusted great her and Gabby play well and walk wonderful on a leash. Our free walk as I call them are our walks through the tails in the woods. Abby stays close and will watch my every move. Gabby will go up the trail a bit and return knowing I-am never out of her sight. They are wonderful, smart and so very loving.
Well to my point Abby have now learned to sit and stay.
Walk to the rt of me on a leash.
Come to me with hand signal.
These will continually be encouraged as she learns more. She is the sweetest cuddle love.
She and Gabby have learned to be bed and blanket hogs. Lol
Abby loves her coat and dress she is a ham for pictures. Again thank you.
I will keep you updated and please feel free to post for others too see her progress.
Thank you