update on puppy

She is absolutely amazing. We are in love with her and have been training her quite a bit. She’s a very fast learner! Thank you so much!
My mom, Dana, has mailed you a gift card. Should be there by tomorrow. Hope you both enjoy it! We are very happy to have found you.
Anneliese Kuntz

Ella Bella

One more. Yes we are those people with a dog stroller LOL
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OLLIE bear

Thought you might want to see Ollie Bear growing up a bit. He’s a little brick and weighs abou17#. He’s quite a little bouncer and never runs out of energy…Ginger wishes he would. He’s very loving and loves to give kisses. So fun! Hope this finds you all well.
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Hello, Eric. Thought you’d like to know that Olliebear is doing well and quite a little character! He stands his ground, no matter what. Each given a bully stick he wants both and doesn’t give up until he succeds. He and Gin get along well. Ollie is turning color slowly. You were right, he’s turning silvery under the chocolate. He’s a little jewel as is Ginger.


Hi Eric. Lancelot (Blu) did good on the way home. He didn’t get sick and played a little then went to sleep. I’m just now getting his area together for him. He’s going to receive lots of love and attention. I think you and your wife for the kindness. And thank you so much. May god keep blessing you


We just wanted to THANK YOU guys, Levi is absolutely adorable, super smart, he loves snuggles, and plays a lot with my 5 year old son.
We are blessed to have him. Thank you thank you