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We are extremely happy with our puppy

We are extremely happy with our puppy

Hey Eric,

We are extremely happy with our puppy! I think he is exactly what our family needed. He is very smart and he listens so well for a puppy. He has learned several commands (sit, come, down, drop it, and no), is doing great with potty training, walks pretty well on his leash, and he always seems eager to please. He even listens to our five year old’s training commands.

I always make sure to watch him with the kids, and he is very tolerant of them – even when they grab his legs/tail, or try to pick him up (which I quickly intervene to help the kids learn not to do that). He is learning not to nip or jump up on people. Sometimes he gets wound up, as a puppy does (and we were expecting), but we have been simply yelling “oww,” and ending playtime, or telling him “sit,” and he immediately stops and sits. He has wonderful self-control and listening skills for a puppy. I feel very confident that once he is done teething, he will have zero issues with nipping. I’m just always so impressed with him – he behaves so much better than my expectations, and how I’ve seen other puppies behave. My biggest concern was with the kids since they are little, but it’s almost like he knows, and just does great with them. I was worried that they might make him aggressive by being loud and always touching and bothering him, but he is not at all.

He has filled our days up with fun and we just absolutely love having him around. He’s getting us up moving and out of the house way more than we were, and my kids are playing with him instead of being on screens (which I couldn’t be happier about). He has definitely become part of the family – we couldn’t imagine not having him around now. Thank you for raising such wonderful pups!