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He loves smashed bananas

He loves smashed bananas

He knows sit and come and is paper and yard trained although he still has few mishaps. He loves to be brushed and sleeps 8-9 hours a night with no mishaps since the 2nd day here. He ‘s been a dragging leash and has a little leash training.

He lives to play & loves to retrieve and return balls.

He and our other dog get along well. Sarg would like Scruffy to play more and Scruffy would like the opposite.
Sarg just discovered there is an up and downstairs here so things are getting livelier if that’s possible He likes outside the best.

We love this guy. Makes us smile all the time.

He loves smashed bananas & canned pumpkin with no spices. I freeze it in this tube device so he can lick it out and freeze his teeth!