Puppy Care List

  1. Handle your new puppy often during the first 3 days. They have just been taken from the only family they have ever known and will need to re-bond with you. The puppy is going to be scared and will need emotional support. Use Nutri Cal or honey, daily for the first few days *if* the puppy seems too sleepy or sad…this is important! Keep the puppy away from other puppies/people for 2 weeks. This will give them time to adjust and help build their immunity. To avoid upset tummies, keep them on bottled water. A Snuggle Puppy has good for calming. A mothers scent on a blankie will NOT help with adjustment, may make it worse. Choose a reasonable/reputable vet. Do not use Petsmart. We have had many complaints against them. A country vet has been the best for a puppy from the feedback we receive. A puppy should not be expensive to maintain. 
  2. Crate training should be started after the first week. Take them out often. Get a LARGE crate. They will grow and need room for their bed, puppy pad, and food/water. The best method of potty training is to take the puppy outside every 1-2 hours and walk or stand with it for at least 5 minutes. Expect accidents! Puppies are like an infant/toddler and will need some persistent training for the first 2-4 weeks. They are smart, but do not understand human language, just as we do not understand dog language. The preferred method of training is to place puppy in a room, with no carpet, where they will be staying. Cover the flooring with puppy pads. Once they choose their spot to “go” on, start removing some of the puppy pads. Persistence, persistence, persistence and lots of patience. They are only babies, but very smart. When looking for a collar, choose a fabric mesh harness. Much more comfortable.
  3. If the puppy has an upset stomach, get and eyedropper and administer 2-3 droppers full of Pepto-Bismol or Kaopectate in the back corner of the mouth. Boiled Chicken & Rice works well.
  4. The puppy enjoys Diamond Naturals brand of PUPPY food. This is a dry food found at most pet stores, Menards, Amazon and Chewy. Google Diamond pet food near me to find this in your location.  If you want to use a different food, mix the new food with the current food we have sent. Keep the puppy on this food for at least the first month to help them stabilize. A sample bag is provided.  It has the good Probiotics in it…and is very good for them. If you cannot find the Diamond Naturals, use Blue Buffalo Puppy. Boiled Chicken & Rice is a good alternative.
  5. At night, puppy MAY have 2-3 tablespoons of canned Pedigree, Chicken & Beef PUPPY…it is a favorite. This may be the only thing they want to eat the first day. The puppy would love some shaved *Chicken* lunch meat. ASK IF STILL BEING CAN FED. They love wheat or white bread. 
  6. As a treat for your puppy, try Pup-Peroni…they will love it and may be the best way to get them to adjust to their new family. They love BULLY *GULLET* stick or a BULLY STICK. We have already started them on a BUFFALO TENDON. Chewy or Amazon has all of these. 
  7. If the puppy gets finicky about eating, try giving them chicken breast (boiled or grilled) ***They all love shaved chicken lunch meat and Vienna sausages. To ease their tummy, canned Pumpkin WITHOUT SPICES is very effective and is a good canned food replacement. This provides vitamins and fiber. *Bottled water is recommended*
  8. Remember that a puppy is just like a baby and will need lots of attention and training. Patience is the key to training. The puppy stage will pass soon and you will miss these often trying times helping this struggling puppy to grow and learn. Help the puppy to understand what you want. They cannot understand you as you cannot understand them. To this puppy, you are the love of their life and their only family. You have been blessed to own a great Havanese. CALL me if you have any concerns. 417.241.2352