Our Testimonials

“😌 happy fathers day from rocky !
Pearl Ellisa
“This one is Pearl , really Ellisa
Remi grooming
“Remi after his 1st groom at 8 mos.
“Happy Lazy Sunday from Nana
Sweet Pea
“Sweet Pea posing for you all while social distancing Awww! 2 years with these beauties !!!! 😍😍 I'm telling you, sweet pea sits like a cat! Look at that pose it's so funny
Christopher’s Dasher
“We already have a life jacket for him.
Thankfully Ootie
“Baby girl is growing . We are thankful everyday . God bless u and ur family
Ootie first grooming
“Her first hair doo here . She loves Ms Emily her hair dresser
Good morning Ootie
“Good morning from Angle Ootie
Ootie is healthy
“Hi Poppa Eric I’m growing I weigh 7 lbs 8 oz . Dr Brent says I’m real healthy . I now can have no babies my momma made sure of that . But I’m happy most when I have a empty water bottle . I do miss u but Tu for caring for me when I was a baby . Poppa still calls me Ootie .
“She has been a wonderful member to our family. 💜 we named her Andee
Coco arrives
“Who can forget long legged Sparky. 1 year old this week . Most gentle loving dog I've ever held. Makes Wren very jealous and she pulls on his leg until he leaves my lap and she jumps up. For the most part they get along quite well. Looks like people are buying , that b good for u . Stay safe Regards
“Ruby is all grown up now. She is a jumper like Riggs.
“I wanted you to know she is loved
Tank loves Anna
“He loves Anna. Had his first boat ride last night;)
Tank is loved
“He loves his 2 daily walks with our other dog, Lolli too:). He does show separation anxiety when away from Anna but we try daily to have him in his crate To get used to it. He doesn't really whine when he sleeps in a crate in Anna's room tho. The crate is now on the floor and not on her bed :).
Tank swims
“He jumped out to a boat of friends who were fishing by our place! Went off the rocks. Swam about 3 feet then turned around whining (probably Bc it's cold!) and walked back up the rocks
“Hi there! My daughter just asked if we've talked lately. How cute. Tank is doing amazing! He's gotten into our routine and loves the next door neighbor 2-yr old puppy. Our long deck is now totally puppy proof so he is loving outdoor time.
Angies Tank
“About 12 pounds. Loves observing all the sights and sounds off our deck all day
Human with 4 legs
“So grateful u showed us him!!
Lacy Lu’s grooming
“We were fortunate that Lacy-Lu's groomer worked her in for a grooming right before the stay at home recommendation kicked in. Pics are a couple of days after her grooming. Enlarge her face (eyes) & ears. How do dogs have such beautiful eyes & also notice the patch of brownish "ear hair" laying across her very white hair on her leg. Not that we are proud of her or anything 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃Stay healthy & be safe !!
Dixie Jordan
“She's loving a belly rub and snuggled up now.
Christopher’s Dasher
Kiana’s puppy
Cuddles baby
“He is so cute.. what a baby. ❤️
Cuddles bath
“We never even got to meet because I live out of state and it’s the middle of the quarantine, but Eric helped me pick the perfect pup for me. When I tell you I asked 100 questions about five different dogs and Eric responded honestly to each one. And some were messaged at 6 am and some at 10 pm. My perfect, healthy, alert, adorable puppy arrived yesterday. I just can’t recommend them enough for handling such a unique situation so well. My only regret, is that I didn’t get my first AND second choices (and third🤣🤣🤣). Thank you Eric for your unending patience and your honestly when a dog wasn’t right for me. I have no reservations about doing all this sight unseen; you have won my trust!
“He climbed up There on his own and fell asleep❤️❤️. What a great dog!!
Miranda’s Truman
“We are so happy to have found her. She is a sweet girl! Thank you all so much
“Just wanted to give you an update and tell you he is doing so great! He does have a bark, but he uses it only when he's scared. He's learning how to potty outside and let us know when he needs to potty which is really good! He's even growing on our older puppy which is a big improvement. Overall he is a happy playful little guy and we are loving him!!
“Happy Easter. I hope you all had a great Easter weekend. We have been busy with Luna going for walks and meeting other dogs. She's bringing a lot of joy to all who meet her 😊. I have friends and family FaceTime they to talk to her. She's amazing🐶. I wish you a wonderful evening. Thank you
“We did! She has already been eating and drinking. She's really playful and cute. We named her Ruby. I will definitely leave a review, thank you so much!
“Hey eric yogi made it! Thank so much
Debra’s puppy
“She is GREAT! No problems on the way home. Her and my other dog have been playing all evening.😁We are all in love.
Teresa puppy
“He was so good last night and I think according to my son he just got up once and used the pad so no accidents on the floor 👍.
Jewel Tinkerbelle
“We are So In Love- thank you so much!!
Crystal Jewels Tinkerbelle
“THIS IS A VIDEO You gotta see this - It WORKS!!!!- love ❤️ JEWELS- Tinkerbell- you both have been AMAZING TO DEAL WITH- YOU WILL DEFINITELY GET A FANTASTIC REVIEW- Bless You- Crystal
“Hi Eric,Zippy is now over seven months old, and has just completed his first puppy class. He did really well in class ~ I’m just still working with him at home. He tends to like to do what he wants. 🙂Thought you might like a picture of the graduate.Hope all is well with you and your family!All the best
Bailey – 12 weeks
“Good morning, Today Bailey is 12 weeks old. He is getting so big. He's working very hard on his sit, stay and come commands. He's been ringing the potty bell pretty consistently for about a week now. We love him so much!!
Ella Bella
“Good evening, I would like to thank you for such a pleasant exchange on Saturday. Purchasing Ella Bella was the easiest I believe we have ever experienced. She is loved beyond belief and everyone has asked where we got her. We have made sure to tell them and plan on writing an excellent review. Again, thank you for everything.
“Ruby (Jenny) is now 6 months old. I call her my little golden girl. We have completed puppy classes and can heel, sit, lay down and stay on command. She was spayed 2 weeks ago and weighted 9.5 pounds. Attached is a picture I took right after coming home from her groomer. We are so in love with this fur ball!!
“ my husband absolutely adores him! My daughter and grandchildren have been over to visit him today and are equally in love!! He is friendly to all and has been entertaining us with his playfulness. We had a big storm this afternoon and instead of running and hiding from the thunder, he barked at it - quite the courageous little man 😊. We are so happy to have him in our lives. I have a few pictures to share from our car ride
Muffin M1
“Wanted to let you know that Che is doing wonderfully! He is sleeping through the night like a champ and had a great first vet visit this week! He recognizes his name and has a few favorite toys already. Thank you for everything!
“Hi Eric Sorry it took a week to get back to you. Your web site has given us a lot of facts that will help us in raising Harley. Enclosed is Harley's checkup sheet from Vet. Angel White did a great job on delivery. I appreciate all the pictures you sent. Harley has his own album. We have almost everyone that has seen him just adore him. Have given out to them your website to check it out. We have had a busy week with the arrival of Harley. I think he is one of the smartest puppy's we have ever had. Harley is very intelligent and he seems to be able to remember commands quickly. He learned his name and to sit to get his treat in under an hour. Training Harley has progressed very fast. He is hitting his pee pad most of the time.
Shelby F1
“Nina is doing so good! Soooo smart!! Thank you again for this precious fur baby! We just can't get enough of her!
KR Ruby (Jenny) Update

Ruby is now 5 months old and quite the little love bug!! She is potty trained, still loves her kennel (but LOVES to start the night out snuggling in our bed), loves to play in dirt/mud, doesn’t mind her baths and as you can see sits quite well for treats. We have been taking Puppy Classes and I think she is at the top of the class. We heel, sit when we stop and this week we started on Sit, Stay and did awesome the first night as well. We both absolutely LOVE her!!!

I have had several ask where she came from and I think one couple are seriously going to try and get a puppy from you. She is the best work mate and loves everyone she meets. I didn’t know how much I missed having a puppy until I brought Ms. Ruby home. To say I’m a little crazy about her is an understatement. Thank you for raising and making available this little love of ours!!!

“Hi there Eric!Hope this finds you and your family safe and healthy with everything that’s going on!I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get you an update! Bubbles is Incredible!! We all adore her here and she’s spoiled rotten. She’s so smart and the best pet I’ve ever owned! She’s inquisitive, rambunctious, affectionate, thinks she’s a “badass” 😀 She’s just amazing and I could go on and on!Friday at the vet she was 6.7 lbs, growing so fast into a big girl! Would like for her to have her first haircut but waiting for the groomers to open back up.I’ve attached some pictures from today, I couldn’t find on the website for a testimonial but you were absolutely right, we will be back for another one. My husband even asked about Willow last week but we didn’t see that she was still in the website. Hope she’s growing and getting along good, as well.Thank you again for our new family member! She’s so so loved!!
Puppy food
“Hello! We wanted to give you an update on Chief. He is doing fantastic. No carsickness on the way home and he is eating great. We’re working on teaching him his name and how to sit. He is a smart dog...catching on quickly. 🥰You described his personality very well. He is playful with good energy and a sweet, loving spirit.Thank you so much for this great addition to our family.
it’s the middle of the quarantine
“We never even got to meet because I live out of state and it’s the middle of the quarantine, but Eric helped me pick the perfect pup for me. When I tell you I asked 100 questions about five different dogs and Eric responded honestly to each one. And some were messaged at 6 am and some at 10 pm. My perfect, healthy, alert, adorable puppy arrived yesterday. I just can’t recommend them enough for handling such a unique situation so well. My only regret, is that I didn’t get my first AND second choices (and third🤣🤣🤣). Thank you Eric for your unending patience and your honestly when a dog wasn’t right for me. I have no reservations about doing all this sight unseen; you have won my trust!
pictures of Zippy
“Hi Eric,I just thought I’d give you an update on Zippy. He seems to be doing well in the 12 days he’s been here, although he is still uncertain of new people. He has gained weight and is now 7 1/2 pounds, and received his last round of shots this week. He finally walks out of the house on his own. His favorite things to do are chase leaves, and eat anything he can find, including sticks, leaves, flowers, pinecones and nut shells. It’s a battle when we go out, to say the least.Although I can’t get Zippy to walk down the street, he loves going on trails. We have gone on several small hikes, and he just bounces along, jumping over roots and climbing rocks. Our last hike was about 1.5 miles and he did great! He gets the “zoomies” a few times a day, and loves to escape his area and run up the stairs. We have lots of toys for him to play with and chew and several cozy mats to sleep on. He sleeps through the night and is very excited to see me in the morning. Zippy has also made some new friends, a 10 year old Havanese named Lucy, and he will actually walk around the neighborhood if she’s with him.I hope you like these pictures of Zippy.
“We stopped last night and got back on the road this morning. Ellie is SO’s much fun. We have been laughing and taking lots of pictures. We stopped and got her a little harness and a couple of toys and she has been playing. I am so very happy, she is perfect! I will send you pictures once we get her home and I take a few more there as well 😁 Thank you again and I hope you both come to Galveston and you can come see her!
Zippy arrived safe
“Zippy has arrived safe and sound. He is even cuter in person. He seems to be adjusting to his new home and we love him already.
“Hi Eric,I just want you to know that Zippy seems to be doing well. This picture was taken last night. The driver said he was wonderful during the trip and very affectionate when he took him out of his travel crate. Hopefully he will continue to travel well.Hope all is well with you,
tattooed on
“Had her tattooed on me.
“Hello Eric, This is Tiffany Hartsoe, Crystal’s daughter! I wanted to submit my review!...“I fell in love with my havanese girl after helping my mother decide on one to buy! I’m in LOVE & so glad we got them at the same time; they’re just a few miles apart & get to play often! I’m so glad we got our girls through them! They’re both very friendly, honest, & helpful as I highly recommend them! The flight pickup was terrific and they had the purpose was very smooth! Thank you both for your care for the puppies before we now love them!” ”
“She did great on the plane. They practiced in the duffel bag She is smart. She already knows sit down Up. High five She will do anything for food
Merry Christmas
“Hey there - Just wanted to say thank you so much for sending Heinz, sending all of his information and paperwork and for being so easy to work with. He is absolutely adorable!!! As soon as I opened his kennel at AA he was perky and wagged his tail and immediately started giving kisses. It was about an hour drive back in which he was wonderful, sat on my lap and gave periodic kisses. Myself and my red sable 6lb. Mini dachshund girl or currently getting to know him and his characteristics. This should be a fun weekend getting to know our new puppy pal! Thank you again!!
All grown up
“Hello, I thought you might like to see these pictures. I bought Bosco from you 3 years ago (He was renamed Benji). He is a big boy now weighing 18 pounds. He is a great companion for me. He is smart, sweet, and stubborn. I must admit that he is very spoiled.
Brees graduation
“They’ve had their treats, deer antlers, for about 2 months now, about every month I soak them in a beef broth to add a little flavor. Our trainer turned us on to those👍 I found the sign online and it was perfect for our household so I had to have one.. We have a little song every morning when we wake up, it goes, We are family Marty Bree and daddy! We are family Bree Marty and daddy! and it continues with tails wagging and lots of loving
Rosie aka Piper and Candy aka Peanut
“They have the doggie door all figured out. The only they are tying to figure out is how to get their sticks through the doggie door in their mouths without getting them jammed on the way through This morning Piper went to Kendras bedroom door and whined and scratched until Peanut came out. If kendra ever decides to get her own place we may have a problem separating them. I hope to buy one for my daughters family next season. Budget busted for this year
new flight info today for clark
“Peanut aka Candy has a very calm laid back personality. So she laid in the laps of the kids who wanted to snuggle. Piper aka Rosie is very playful and occupied the kids who wanted to run and play games. Both pups were pretty tired but handled the crowd well.Maybe next season we will buy one for my grandkids
Baby girl
ASH ( Aka new name Toby)
“Hi Eric- Ash ( Toby) is just the most good natured little boy ever !! He sleeps in his crate at night and I wake him after 5 hours to go outside . Then he does his business and goes right back in his crate to sleep . He is so lovable, fun , energetic and sweet! He’s perfect !! I have a question however about his eating . He seems very very hungry and we are not sure if we are giving him enough . We give him his dry food 3 times a day about 1/8 with some canned pumpkin but he eats so fast and looks for more. Can we give him more each meal time? Also, I’m going to send you both a couple pictures of him!! He’s amazing ! Thank you for breeding such a healthy happy puppy!! We are so in love with him !
Ash ( Toby)
“He’s beautiful !!! LOL my son is 17 and my daughter is 15 ... it’s our first dog EVER ! I can tell he’s going to be so much fun!!!!!!!!!! Thank is again for this beautiful puppy !! 💙🐶
Marty’s 1st Birthday
“ Celebrating Marty’s 1st Birthday today.. Puppy cake and puppy ice cream. Marty and Bree are doing great! Marty graduated his 2nd puppy training, Bree just started her first class, of course she’s learned a lot of the training from Marty. I can’t imagine what life would be like without the 2 of them.
It already snowed!
“He’s my little sweetie
Aka gabby
“Hello I am one of your blessed mommy’s of Gab-a-Gail. Aka gabby. I would like to let you know gabby is a wonderful loved and happy girl. She has been my service dog for 3 years now. She retrieves my medication and is my life saver in many ways. She flights often with me. Thank you for bring her in to this world for me. I have referred a friend who is gabby’s auntie. She will love her new one as much as we all love gabby our baby girl. If you would like more info please feel free to contact me.
“You can see the light brown fur that has popped through the white fur! Just a silly, but oh so sweet, little girl.
“Thought you would like this pic of the puppy and our other dog, Buddy. We named the puppy, Ruger. I have a son named, Cody, so had to change the puppy's name.
Bree and Murphy
“The cutest little girl!! And quiet the handsome little guy!! Both of them are such a special addition to my life & I actually know what true love is all about... I should be the one thanking you! They are the joy of my life😍😘
Cute puppies
“The cutest little girl!! And quiet the handsome little guy!!
“A quick hello from the Bompezzi's And Bella (aka Happy ) she has grown into a big girl and is still growing and we love her so!! She is such a joy and has such a personality !
“Haddie smiling for the camera.  She did great with her first haircut.  We have her spay scheduled for October.  She only weighs 9lbs.  She is gonna be a little one.  She has a mighty big personality though!
Ella Bella
“Ella Bella enjoying Mardi Gras beads!!
Daisy’s training graduation photo
“Here's Daisy's training graduation photo😃The trainer and Daisy has a fantastic month. Trainer stated several times how smart she is. She has all the basic obedience down as well as a few tricks she loves to be bragged aboutShe is now 10.4 lbs and has gotten quite a bit more white on her coatEveryone that meets her talk about her eyes and sweet dispositionFamily couldn't be happier having Daisy back homeHope all is well there
A better pic
“This is Daisy's favorite napping position. She was spayed 3 weeks ago and had no problems with it other than the cone of shame She goes to a trainer Monday morning for 30 days. She is being spoiled by my grandchildren this weekend
“Sweetpea in the back and Nana upfront with her favorite toy!
Lovey pic
Ella Bella
“Ella Bella enjoying beads from today's parade 🍀
“ Rascal is happy boy He loves peanut butter. All other fruits. Pineapple, apples, peaches, strawberries, watermelon
Ella Bella
“Ella Bella is doing very well. Getting fluffier than ever before!! She swims in the pool and seems to enjoy that! Ella is such a huge part of our family and we love her so much. Her birthday is coming up October 1 as you well know so we will have a little party to celebrate 🥳
“ I was on havanese Haven website. There was a pic of a white with brown and black Daschund. We bought our puppy in May of 2018. You had named her Princess. Here is a picture you had taken off her as a pup. I'm also sending one of her now. She is beautiful! Please let me know if and when you may be having puppies. We love her so much. We named her Lulu
“ I'm Jesse Lucas and I bought a dog (we named her honey) from you back in May..just wanted to give an update and let you know she is doing great! My son and her are inseparable already. She is one of the best natured dogs I've ever been around so I just wanted to say thank you again for this wonderful dog!
Velicity aka Hazel Bell
“Just a quick update to let you know how perfect our little girl is. We have given her the Name Hazel Bell and she's such a smart good baby. She rode home yesterday like a champ. She was happy to be cuddled on my lap the entire way home. We made a stop at Rural king for her food. She was a little nervous in there but did great. She's done all the potty things outside with no accidents so far. She slept in her crate like an angel. She barely whimpered like seriously an uh errrr I put my hand done by her and she was quiet the rest of the night. We are honestly so thrilled with her. I was bit nervous to have an active baby in the house again. She's so chill and easy so far...we couldn't be luckier!Thank you,
“Eric, I’m attacking a few photos of Kami. She is so beautiful, easy going, a bit difficult to house break (not accomplished yet), loyal, very comfortable with my wife and I. I posted a few pictures on FB and people went crazy with love. They think she is beautiful. I’m recommending you to all that ask. Thanks
Piper aka Rosie
“She finally got tired of exploring and decided to settle in her very soft comfy bed.
“She wolfed down a vienna sausage, drank water and is running and playing. No indication of stress at all. I definitely selected the right puppy.
Sleep well
Thank you again
“Thank you again. She is as little love bug! We are more than blessed!
Interested puppies
“ Thank you again! We made it home and Willow is doing great!. We have her all set up with her bed and quite space for later. She even ate well for dinner. She is happy and playing with our daughter right now.
“Victor has arrived!!!! He is adorable. I'm already in love! Thanks for reminding me to bring water. He was thirsty!! Thank you for everything. I'll be in touch.
Buster (aka Ruffles) is doing very well
“Buster (aka Ruffles) is doing very well. He is sleeping all night getting up to do his business quickly in the morning. He's found alot of running and hiding places, and new favorite toys. He's a smart little guy. His appetite is good,and really likes his chicken for the soul treat 🙂 He got his necessary shots today.
wonderful place to buy
“Thank you for your time today You have a wonderful place and impressive Kennel.”
Marty and Bree
“Hi Eric and Gail, Marty and Bree are doing great! They get along great😊 Marty is in his 2nd puppy training class and Bree is going to start her first class soon
Airbound Pets Booking
“ Hello Nemo is on his new home safe, thank you!! He is adorable
“We just arrived at our home. Wow he is so tired. Long trip for him. I will definitely keep in touch.
“ Hello Trina and Eric,We want to let you know that we are very happy with the puppies. They arrived well and we’re already enjoying them at home.”
Puppy’s here
“Kipps home. Thank you.
Puppy’s here
“ Kipps home. Thank you.
Frankie is Norman now.
“ Frankie is Norman now.I talked to you several weeks back about getting one of your beautiful babies, but it just wasn’t the right time I guess.Little did I know my wife was messaging you about getting me one.Well, I just wanted to tell you I couldn’t be any happier. Since the passing of my Grandaddy, life has been pretty rough for me. Besides my mother he was the most influential person in my life. When he died a part of me died as well. I was down in the dumps, but with the help of my wife and my new fur baby, I’m a whole new person.Words can’t express how much he means to me already in such a short amount of time. He literally goes EVERYWHERE with me. Gas station, Taco Bell, the bathroom, exc. It’s like I literally have two shadows. He’s the sweetest, gentle, most perfect little boy. I adore everything about him. Hopefully soon you’ll be hearing from me again about getting another one. I wanna have a friend for him eventually. If you have another all chocolate or all white one, please message me.Anyways, sorry to go on and on. Just wanted to let you know he’s loved and very well taken care of here. Wanted to send you some pictures of him.
“I thought I would send you a picture of Lucy we have since renamed her Mochi. She is doing so well and very happy. Hope as is well
Jasper in Montana
“He has got to be the cutest little puppy. He looks like he's smiling. I
Tyson Fincher from Florida
“Hi Eric- Just wanted to send you some recent pictures of Tyson (aka Nutmeg) . We bought him from you last Christmas. He is just an amazing dog!! His coloring is just gorgeous... He is a feisty one, likes to bark at everything and everyone. Spoiled rotten just like my kids . Have a great day!
“"For our second Doxson puppy from here and we love her just as much as we love our first one that we..." ”
“"Eric and Trina are fantastic and truly love these dogs! They made the process simple, stress free..." ”
“"Eric and Trina were great to work with. They are both very knowledgeable about the breed and went..." ”
Bentley (aka Waggs)
“"We love our Bentley (aka Waggs). He is a great fit for our family and we had a wonderful buying..."”
5-star review
“"Thank you Havanese Haven for making the process of getting our sweet angel so simple! We were..." ”
5-star review on Google
“"Eric was very friendly and informative. All his instructions were spot on. We love our new puppy!" ”
Havanese Haven
“"My husband and I had an incredible experience purchasing our baby Havanese from Havanese Haven! We..."”
Rico (Peter Pan) & Chico (Cuddles)
“Rico sure does love his baby brother!!
Valentino now Marty
“Hi Eric, thought I would send a few pics of precious little Marty! We have so much fun together. He loves to fetch, he can sit & stay, he doesn’t really like a leash but we are working on it. He has a couple of doggy friends that he gets together with often to play😊 he is now 4.2 lbs and is very well behaved & potty training has gone well! I forgot to ask the Vet on Monday to check his chip to see if it’s registered yet. Have a great evening. John Cotner
Chico aka Cuddles
“Chico & his mami..
Rico (Peter Pan)
“Rico living his best life, Florida style ! He loves the sun !
Rico & Chico
“Jasper is doing great!!
Puppy Interest
“Hi Eric and Gail, After about a week of debating, I have changed her Sweetie's name to Ellys, Elly for short. Yes, the trip back was pretty good. We had to pull off to the side of the rode a couple times as Sweetie did get car sick while traveling the back curvy roads but once we we on the interstate, she was really good. The first two nights, she whined really bad in her crate all night but has since stopped. She has truly come out of her shell and has been a joy! She has just started teething, so she has been really trying to get into things but I got her a couple chew toys and due by best to keep an eye on her. I think the teething also upset her tummy, so she experienced some mild diarrhea the other day so I had her fast for 24 hours and then feed her chicken to help ease. It seemed to work and she is better now. I have also been potty training her since she's been with us. She is also going outside multiple times a day, I think she is just testing her boundaries at this point. Attached you will find some pictures, we took with Santa. She doesn't seem too enthusiastic though as she is still pretty shy with strangers at first. In addition, attached is her records from her vet visit; the vet stated she is in great health, so KUDOs! In all, I think she is an AWESOME pup-kid lol Thanks for getting us together!”
Great sibling
“One more pic for you. He's a great sibling to Cora and is the perfect dog for little kids. Thanks again!
“Yea shes getting lots of love that's for sure, kids are loving her and she cant stop playing with them, when i get home its all about me lol
Really done great
“Hes really done great. We've had a house full for 2 days and hes just mister chill. He even went for a stroll with my granddaughter..lol Thank you, such an awesome thing to share him with my family and others. I'm thankful for you guys and all the joy hes already brought and look forward to the future with him
“Here is a letter from my families vet saying that the puppy is in perfect health. My Father, Jason, was the one who took her to the vet so that's who's name is on the paper. Very Respectfully,
Finn (aka Vegas)
“This is Finn Now aka Vegas.He’s grown to be such a wonderful and beautiful boy!
“This is Mac, formerly Fonzi. Since it's his first birthday, we wanted to send you some pictures and say thanks for our puppy!
AKC & Google
“We are keeping his name, Sparky.
big brother loves him
“He is going great! And even better his big brother loves him. 🙂 Everything is going very well thank you !
4 Legged Baby
“Romeo's a Ham. My wife Martha's 4 Legged Baby
toy & “blanky”
“Lacy-Lu - "Ready for my nap with my favorite new toy & "blanky" 😴
Fancy Italian Restaurant!
“He's so darn spoiled he even gets to go to a Fancy Italian Restaurant!
Martha loves
“Martha loves to Dress him in a T-Shirt
damn kool
“I like this picture! He's just so damn kool!
Brodhi at  beach
“Bodhi's first time at the beach 😊We just wanted to introduce him to the beach real quick. We plan on taking him to a dog beach soon. Hes still a little timid, everything is so new to him
Nice photo
“Here's a nice photo shot Eric. I'll send you more every now & then. Have a good night nice to Text with you man take care!
“Just wanted to let you know that we went to the vet yesterday and Bodhi is perfect. All he needs is his last booster shot, which I'll do next week for him. Other than that, we are so in love with him and he has definitely stopped everyone we walk by in their tracks, with his cuteness lol”
They ate Breakfast together
“He lets her do whatever, they ate Breakfast together, but is a little nonchalant. She loves him but is also exploring and busy busy. They are both in my lap right now napping. She was so good in the car and when ever we hold her she just finds her spot and cuddles in
Little Ruby
“Little "Ruby" is such a good baby and she and Brody are getting along just fine!
He is a great looking dog
“Yes his fur is so much softer, wavy and shiny now! He is a great looking dog. Everyone we see when we r out with him stops me to ask what breed he is and everyone loves him. Mr Popular! The groomers love him too and say he always does really well there. They give him bandanas when he leaves 😀”
“Hi Eric! Just wanted to send u some updated picks of Beans/Beau. First full haircut Tuesday. He's morphing into a totally different looking dog! He is really doing great!!
What dog does that?
“Everyone laughs when they see how he relaxes! What dog does that?!?? 😂
Seriously awesome personality.
“ Word is finally getting out about the breed. Seriously awesome personality. Even at the pet store/groomer I had 5 people ask me his breed. The game.. probably 10 people asked me!!! Yes I will share your info with them 😀
“He was a hit at my daughters field hockey game today!!! Everyone loved him and his disposition. Everyone asking me his breed. We know 3 friends of my daughter got a havanese from you lately. ”
Beans went to the groomer today
“Beans went to the groomer today. Check out his stylish bandana!
Havanese sign
“Hi Gail & Eric !This is the info on the "Havanese / Home" sign. Lacy Lu = Daily laughs for us.
Beau is doing great!
“Beau is doing great! He loves to lie down in the ground cover. His vet appt was really good. She said he's a great dog and they were shocked at how mellow he was for his check up. She ❤️❤️❤️ him!
dream puppy
“Beans is a dream puppy!!! We swear he must be partially potty trained. Only one accident on puppy pads. Our fault though. We woke up late and took him out at 7:00am. Oops! But he has been great about going when he is outside. Luckily there r 4 of us to watch him! He learned to play fetch today. What a smart boy! He also met our cats. I think he likes them a lot and is super friendly. They just need to figure him out yet. No hissing or clawing at all so that's awesome!!!He is so sweet! He has only barked once to get our attention to play with him. We think he is the best dog we could've asked for and he is adjusting better than we could've hoped. You did a great job!!!!! 😀❤️”
“Love Beans soooo much! We played in our backyard with him for 45 minutes and gave him a bath. He is resting now 😀. He has the best personality and temperament. ❤️❤️❤️
“Hi Trina! Hope you all are doing well. I wanted to send you a Lilly update 🙂 she’s about 5-6 pounds now. She lost her first tooth, is super playful and spunky, likes going on walks, and she’s really in the biting/teething stage right now. We looked on your website the other day at puppies and when she heard your voice on the video she looked around and her little ears perked up so she definitely remembers you!!
Puppy cut
“I decided to have her always groomed with the puppy cut. Look at her colors, beautiful! She is a great friend with lots and lots of love to give and of course vice versa. Enjoy!
2 Weeks
“Just wanted to say thank you. Tucker is doing great and the family loves him. He's a champ traveler and loves playing with the girls and then crashing after they go to bed. He's got a super chill personality and is very smart! Thanks again. We love him!
Annie Re
“Annie is doing great. Already in love with her, Eric! A precious addition to my home.
“ I will tell others about u and ur business . Tu again. Angels mom
“Winston is doing amazing! He’s adjusted so well. Eating and drinking amazing! We love him so much. Thank you! ❤️🥰
Delta reservation for 28FEB/ Eva-Jessica Flack
“We got her! We named her Mochi! Attached are some pictures and video. My other dachshund who’s not pictured is still getting used to her. She’s an old lady lol She has slobber on her head from my bigger dogs being so curious. They were raised by the older dachshunds so they’re gentle with her.
“We have changed his name to Benzene, and he is LOVING his new home! He did great in the car! Thank you so much!!
“her name is Maya
“My Beautiful Beautiful LUCY
“Hey there. Just wondering if you have any mini dachshund available? I bought one from y’all over a year ago, you called him Peter Pan. He is doing so well. He is the best! My sister is looking for one similar. We got extremely lucky with Peter Pan.. he is the sweetest lil hot dog you could ever imagine. We love him very much and he is extremely spoiled.. living the good life lol Please let me know [caption id="attachment_11705" align="alignnone" width="300"] ????????????????????????????????????[/caption] ”
“Remington at Murphy Animal Hospital
“Hi just wanted to let you know we receive truffles and she is perfect. Thank you for everything
“Willows dad Mike here. She is doing really well. Already eating and drinking from her bowl. Vet said all is good. I think I'm more tired than Willow.
“She did well ..if I sit next to her ...so I slept on the floor next to her cage ... And our dog Lizzie and her are getting along fine too ..
“Bella in her new dog bed! 🙂
Titus Aka: Twiggy
“Just a note to let you see how Titus, aka Twiggy is doing He had a day of upset tummy- a little rice and squash fixed him right up
“WE only had big dogs before. This is the most loving, happy, funny pet we have ever had in our family. She is adorable. Every where we go she goes and people want to know what flavor she is,, so we tell them. THANK YOU for being good breeders and honest people who care. L, Bill and Sal xo
Picture of my JAZ
I fell in love with my havanese girl after helping my mother decide on one to buy!  I’m in LOVE & so glad we got them at the same time; they’re just a few miles apart & get to play often!  I’m so glad we got our girls through them!  They’re both very friendly, honest, & helpful as I highly recommend them!  The flight pickup was terrific and they had the purpose was very smooth!  Thank you both for your care for the puppies before we now love them!
Just wanted to let you know Keebler is doing great.   Peanut was playing with him some the next day and they are now great pals.
We wanted to send another Gloria (Izzy) update, as we are approaching her birthday! This was from Halloween, but she continues to make us unbelievably happy!
Delta reservation for 31JAN/ Shiloh Johnson
“We just heard our good friends are getting Lucky! Our daughters are the closest friends, so we'll be sure to get Lucky and Reggie together often. Reggie has already fit into our family so easily, but I'm sure he'll be thrilled to see a friend 😊
“Rosie is quite at home and she and Roscoe are playing and interacting. Our Savana Kush Kush just gives her a look but allows Rosie to smell her😀
Out tabby TabBoo is not a happy cat and stomping around ignoring everyone🤣 Will send pictures of them playing!
Thanks for taking time to help Roscoe and showing Tony, we appreciate it!
“Hi Eric, I thought you might enjoy seeing Harley, who you sent my way in CO Springs back in November. He’s doing great! We’ve taken a Puppy Obedience class as well as many mile markers throughout the 3 months together. Here’s a recent photo:
Brees 1st Birthday
“Brees 1st Birthday😊 they enjoyed puppy cake and puppy ice cream😁 her scarf says it’s my Birthday.
Evonne Kyriazes
“Hi Eric and family, Today is Leo’s first birthday (he was your Freddie). Here are a couple photos and update for you. He is the best pup ever! He’s so precious and polite and silly and fun! He’s 12lbs now and for the past couple months.
He passed 2 doggy training classes and will be taking the canine good citizens class / test later this year.  He’s so smart. 🙂
He gets along great with my 13 year old deaf dog and now she’s more energetic and happier too. Keep up whatever good works you’re doing.
Thank you so much!
Warm regards,
 Toto is settling in wonderfully, Gizmo is starting to accept it. He has a bit of an upset stomach so I will be adding in a little bit of pumpkin to his meal to help.
The drive was great, she said he was wonderful the whole time.
We are so happy to have him as part of our family!
I attached a picture of him sleeping on me 🙂
Hi Eric
I just wanted to let you know Dexter aka Skipper arrived safe and my son is in Love
Pic of Lovey 1 year old
“Pic of Lovey 1 year old
Cheeto and Winston
“Our most recent family photos! Cheeto and Winston (Formerly Crackers) 🙂Wanted you to know he's loved, happy, and healthy with a brother and mom and dad that love him
Buddy Stone
Eric, Thanks again to you and Trina for the brothers. I'm  sure they will settle in and so will we! 🤪
Doxie on blanket
Living the dream
First day a lazy day as I expected. This afternoon he's  begun to get interested in checking things out in the yard when we go out.
I will tell EVERYONE where he came from and how great you folks treated us and obviously  give your dog wonderful care!
First day a lazy day as I expected. This afternoon he's  begun to get interested in checking things out in the yard when we go out.
I will tell EVERYONE where he came from and how great you folks treated us and obviously  give your dog wonderful care!
Hey there, this is Julissa ☺️ Astro (Benji) actually did really good last night, I was surprised. Lol. He's full of energy today and seems to be adapting well. I'm trying to get him potty trained ASAP, so we're gonna work on that today.
I love him! He did very well on the long ride home and only spit up once. He napped most of the way. My cousins are so excited to meet him today
Ella Bella
“Merry Christmas from Ella the Southern Bella! We think she had a lot of fun being dressed up for Christmas Eve and Christmas! We hope you and yours had a very merry Christmas and have a happy new year!
“Merry Christmas and happy New Year from the Santiago/Salas family in New Jersey ”
“Kiki loves her big sister
We love Lu Lu!!!
“We love Lu Lu
Nana and Sweet Pea
“Sending our Love from Florida! Nana and Sweet Pea💕 ”
Kiki in Arizona
“Kiki has been doing well! Plays with our other dog all day. She is loving Arizona.
“Merry Christmas! Love from LacyLu Patterson
Galaxy aka Lexi
“Thought you might like pics of Lexie in her Christmas outfits. She wasn't real happy about them so won't make her wear them again. We love her so much already. We've almost got the potty thing down after about 3 bags of treats. Ha. Just wanted you to know she's happy & well cared for. Merry Christmas.
Inkie and Kato
“We're on our second bowl of puppy food. One last night, one for breakfast. They're drinking fine too. Kato slept in the bed nuzzled against my neck, inkie has just now decided he likes us lol I think it's safe to say they've taken over Yes. Inky still a little shy, but improving especially at play time. Kato likes to chase the husband and growl/wag his tail like he's going to use his feet for a chew toy lol. Inky slept on top of him for a bit last night
Rascal veggie boy
“I am so happy in my forever home. I am also very spoiled”
“Hi! I've been meaning to text you today. Panda did amazing on her ride home. She was perfect! And we have been having such a fun day together. She is my little shadow following me everywhere. She is eating and sleeping great as well. 🙂 love having her as part of the family ”
Jewel and Tinkerbelle
“We are So In Love- thank you so much!!! Love ❤️ JEWELS - Tinkerbell- you both have been AMAZING TO DEAL WITH- YOU WILL DEFINITELY GET A FANTASTIC REVIEW- Bless You- Crystal ”
Lacy Lu 3 years
“-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY -- Lacy-Lu ---- 3 yrs old”
“Hi! Teddy is doing great! We already love him so much! He's wonderful!! Thank you so much!!
“This is Tigger. He is our fourth dog from you. He just arrived in his crate. Wonderful ”
Harold and Indy
“That's our first two from you Harold and Indy formerly Flash and Indy ”
Now Fozzy!
“Hi, Eric. AJ, now Gipper, is a great dog. Roxanne and I enjoy his little attitude. Gipp is 10 months old and is around 15 pounds.
Gabby and Abby
Gabby and Abby modeling there new bows
He is so loving , energetic , super happy and so much fun!!! We are obsessed !!
[caption id="attachment_10832" align="alignnone" width="169"] Processed with VSCO with m5 preset[/caption]
She is now Milly ❤️ She is seriously such a wonderful addition to our family. Our first Havanese Chewy and her are besties. I can’t tell you how much we love her
“She is beautiful. Absolutely the sweetest puppy ever.  What cologne did you put in her? She smells fantastic.
Time to nap
“The girls are tired from their 3 mile hike. LOL, but in a half an hour, they will be on the tear. They are so sweet.
“That is terrific that she is doing so well. I am delighted to hear how bonded she is with the family. She will probably always eat the toilet paper, they just love shredding those soft paper towels. Now if we could just teach her to clean up after herself. LOL
“He might be slightly spoiled ❤

I just want to let you know that we love our Poco and he is thriving!  He has really changed in the two weeks that we have had him.  His hair has filled in and his nose has turned a nice chocolate brown and he has turned into an adorable puppy.  I have attached a picture to show you his progress.  We are very happy with our choice and we want to thank you for your care.

He is awesome. He had potty trained himself on the puppy papers in two days. He is the smartest dog I’ve ever had. He loves to cuddle at night. He will be a very spoiled baby.
Sleepy Puppy
“She’s doing so good in the truck. I just love her. Thank you. Will try to send updates on her.
“She seems to be eating fine and has A LOT of energy. We just love her and she’s so smart!  She sleeps through the night and hasn’t had many accidents in the house. She’s so funny when she hears a noise she doesn’t understand or someone she doesn’t recognize comes over...she’s a little watchdog and growls like she’s going to protect me and she has a little piggy that she loves to play with. Just wanted to give you an update. 
“Thank you for Kona. She is a JOY!  We love her ❤
Sweet Baby Faith.
“Dear Friends, I have been meaning to write you but time has gotten away from me. Baby Faith is doing great! She has us completely wrapped around her little paws! Even our very bratty cat is her friend! Lol I took her to her second vet check up today. She has gained a pound in 2-1/2 weeks! The vet is very pleased! A couple weeks ago we took her with us to visit family in Higginsville,Mo. a 3 hour drive away. She did great riding! Of course everyone fell in love with her and wants one! Haha I, of course, recommend you all! My one cousin quickly pulled up your website. When she clicked on a video of one of your puppies and Faith heard Gail’s voice, she got so excited! She turned her head every which way to see the picture! It was so precious! We all got a little emotional. She remembered you! Thank you again for everything! I will try harder to keep in touch! God Bless 
“Hi Eric! My family and I LOVE Winston aka (champ) and we are wondering if the gray and brown puppy in his liter is available? If we could have some information about him as well that would be amazing.
“You’ll be happy to know the Frenchies could care less there is another dog. My Schnauzer I knew wouldn’t care.
Very sweet all of them. Not one growl or act of dominance. All boys. The piggies checked him out too...they just went on their own way LOL
“We just got back from our Vet....Millie is just perfect! He doesn’t see any problems.  She is a joy and has such a sweet personality....we are so thankful to have found her....I think she is doing better at getting to know us each day. Do you have cats? We have 2 outdoor cats (grandkids’) and she just loves them when we r outside & they seem to tolerate her...😊 they just get up & move when they have had enough.....😄...thank you again.
“Roscoe did great on the trip home, despite some tummy upsets. He is just fine with the pets and they are adjusting to him. He is eating well, slept in his crate with a comfort toy, walks on his leash and potties outside. All in all he is very happy in his new home. Thanks for your kindness yesterday and we will recommend Havanese Haven!
“Just dropping a note to say Miss Portia did great on the car ride home to Fayetteville and is settling in with us very well. She is a sweetie, and we’re just crazy about her! She will see her vet this Friday. Thank you so much for giving her such a great start to a good life!
Romeo Abbott
“Eric Martha and I cannot thank you enough For locating the videos they are really wonderful and I'm no wuss but belief me I got a liitle emotional, & have to say it brought a tear to my eye, to see the little guy so young, so darn handsome, and so damn cute, jumping around like a wind up toy, and with that little bark of his! Eric, we can't thank you enough, your the Man Eric!! Thanks again, God bless you and the Ladies please! Our heartfelt thanks & Love to All! Sincerely, [caption id="attachment_9686" align="alignnone" width="300"] ????????????????????????????????????[/caption]”
“5 years and 7 months My lovely b❤oy Romeo 😍️
Becca’s movie night
“Sweet Pea 18 weeks. Movie 🎥 night last night🤗
“Munchkin is doing great! He slept with me all night and goes potty every time I take him out. I'm so in love with him!! Thank you again!
Sunny’s hearts
“2 hearts on his back 😍 extra love
Velcro dog
We ate, we played, we slept a bit, we pooped outside 😃, we are doing great👍 we do hate being enclosed in the exercise pen 😬 true velcro dog 😎
We arrived home safe with no accidents, he is a very tough puppy 😍 He is absolute joy, most gorgeous pup ever 😍 we gonna name him Sunny - he is a little sunshine 😍Thank you very much
Hi Eric- I wanted to send you some pics of tyson at 6 months old. He is a beautiful dog and gets compliments on his coloring everywhere he goes. He is a feisty boy , lots of barking and lots of growling, and lots of playful bitting. He is spoiled rotten and we take him everywhere we can with us. I just need to get him some doggie training 😊🐶. We love him so much!!! Thank you for the perfect puppy!!
We loved the name Kipper and decided to keep as it is. He responds to his name really well. Deesha M.
Good Afternoon! Indiana or Indy for short (Sparky)is doing wonderful! He is very cute and is perfect for the family! We love him and are already spoiling him. Thanks again,
Annie (now Osita for little bear). First Snow Day and she loved it !!x
[caption id="attachment_9577" align="alignnone" width="300"][/caption]
Good morning. Roxanne took AJ to the our vet yesterday and the vet said the little guy is very healthy. Thank you! Ed
Skye and Daisy
Our girls Thanks, Decker”
Tuffy and Cilla
Here's a good pic of them together! They're best friends, inseparable!
Lola all grown up
Lola all grown up! She has received her good canine citizenship award and she has passed all three puppy, intermediate and advanced classes. I am hoping to get her into therapy classes soon if my schedule will allow. Love her so much!! 💜💜
Sweet Pea
Happy Valentines Day from Sweet Pea!!! Best Chocolate ever!!! We go to the vet today at 4pm!
Abby’s new dress
They are so easy to love . They are my babies and they are so well behaved I take them everywhere I go. They both went to my drs appt and slowed down the office and everyone wants one but wants me to train them first lol love is the answer and they will love u back in many ways. I would love to meet you some day and you mrs’ also
Show puppy
Ralphie is doing fantastic-he is almost 5 months and almost entirely potty trained at this point. He is really filling out and becoming quite handsome. I have a friend who is a dog trainer and depending on how Ralphie matures I would love to have the opportunity to show him and send him to her for show training. There are a lot of big dog shows in the my area which makes showing convenient. Thank you and I hope all is well!
Pumpkin patch
I would like to let you know it’s now been a week. Abby has adjusted great her and Gabby play well and walk wonderful on a leash. Our free walk as I call them are our walks through the tails in the woods. Abby stays close and will watch my every move. Gabby will go up the trail a bit and return knowing I-am never out of her sight. They are wonderful, smart and so very loving. Well to my point Abby have now learned to sit and stay. Walk to the rt of me on a leash. Come to me with hand signal. These will continually be encouraged as she learns more. She is the sweetest cuddle love. She and Gabby have learned to be bed and blanket hogs. Lol Abby loves her coat and dress she is a ham for pictures. Again thank you. I will keep you updated and please feel free to post for others too see her progress. Thank you
Zoey at 8 months
I wanted to send you a note to let you know how thankful we are that we were able to find a place that had a lovable little companion like Zoey has become. We are so happy that she became part of our little family. She is just what we needed in our lives.Thank you so much. I have attached a picture of her 8 month birthday.
We just wanted to let you know that Wilson is doing fine. He made the drive back with only a little stomach issue at the beginning of the trip. He slept all night with Smokey in Smokey's crate and neither made a peep. I think we all were pretty tired after the long drive. Wilson is currently sitting on my lap as I write this note. He's going to be a great addition to our family and we certainly appreciate your efforts in giving him and the rest of your many animals such loving care. We will keep you updated as to his progress. With warm regards,
Winter is good
She is so wonderful. Plays outside a lot with both of us. Bill had her playing in the dirt for hours yesterday. She is sooooooo good. She listens and sleeps with us. He is 78 and I am 71 she has made us so happy. He can’t believe how good a small dog is. She is sitting in my lap right now.Her new fleece coat is coming today and her reflective warm jacket. Thank you all so much you have made us so happy everyday, blessings your way for sure. xoSallye Astle
“Oh my have hugged her up and kissed her up . She sleeps with us. She is really adapting fast. She is so adorable. So is beginning to sit down whevever we are if I am in the kitchen she comes in and sits by me. All our time is dedicated to her, and her potty training. She has been good about going outside. Just a few little puddles, in here. ”
She slept the whole way home and Dexter didn't want anything to do with her. We think there was some jealousy. But once we got home things changed and they started playing and everything is going good. Just put them to bed. Hope she stays down for the night.
“Rebecca Skinner, our Vet, thought we named Becca after her
she is Doing Great

She is doing great!  She has fit right in with the other puppies and our family.


Thanks for puppy


She is a great friend with lots and lots of love to give and of course vice versa.

Hi Trina! Hope you all are doing well. I wanted to send you a Lilly update 🙂 she’s about 5-6 pounds now. She lost her first tooth, is super playful and spunky, likes going on walks, and she’s really in the biting/teething stage right now. We looked on your website the other day at puppies and when she heard your voice on the video she looked around and her little ears perked up so she definitely remembers you!!

Yes his flight arrived ok he ended up coming in at 10pm cuz of the temperature was to hot here, and thanks for everything we are all in love with him

Cassidy is in her new home:
Hi! We picked up Cassidy earlier today and she is doing great! We are in love with her! Thank you again for being so easy to work with and sending her to us!”
Willow New Home

Darling Willow is flourishing in her new home:

Sophie get new home

Sophie is very happy and looking cute as a button in her new home!:

Teddy and Velvet found their new home
“They’re both doing good! They just had their check up from the vet and got a clean bill of health. Thank you so much, they’re so beautiful and sweet.