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FAQs on Havanese Puppy Breeding and Purchase

Not Play Today

This morning our puppy was not acting very playful. Just sits there and does not want to do much.?
This is usually a sign of stress or the puppy has been playing too hard and needs energy. Using an eyedropper, somehow you must make sure to get some honey into heir mouth. Just a few drops is better than nothing. Follow up with some protein like chicken lunch meat or canned puppy or cat food. Your puppy is going into “sugar shock” and their glucose level has dropped. The vet will charge $500-$2,000 to fix this, but you can do it with some effort. I see this once or twice a year and it is usually within the first 2-3 days after you get them. I have never lost a puppy due to this, but they will die if not given some honey. Remember that they have been raised with other puppies and use to being well cared for through out the day and night. So coming into a new home and not having a snuggle mate, is a huge change for them. Don’t be afraid to let the puppy sleep on the bed. Just place towels around the perimeter of the bed in case the puppy falls off. Eventually it will happen. This will also prevent the puppy crying at night. Or, you can put the crate, or bedding, in your room next to where you sleep. This will greatly reduce the puppies stress level. This stage will pass and the puppy will learn your schedule. Your puppy is like a toddler that you have just adopted. I am sure you would not seclude a toddler in your kitchen…that would scare them. You are the only family this puppy has now.


Whats the catch?
No catch. There is actually a company that approves most every person. Apply at the Finance page…very simple.

Pet Stores Sales

We bought a puppy at a pet store. Did it come from you?
I raise lots of Havanese and do want to know where each and every one of them will be living. So, NO, I do not sell to pet stores. They use the cheapest shippers and hope to bring the puppy back to health once it arrives…usually sick.